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Remember who you are

It rings in my head, constantly — ‘Remember who you are.’ To me, a puzzling phrase for a 23 year old. How can I forget who I am if I’ve barely even formulated the person that I’m supposed to be.

‘Remember who you are’ — it chimes to the same tune of another mantra that I keep close — ‘I come as one, I stand as ten thousand.’ A deep understanding that the person you are today is an accumulation of the strengths, sacrifices, mistakes, and love of those before you.

They tell me to remember who I am, as if I have forgotten along the way. I want to scream that I am right here. I haven’t gone anywhere or changed.

— Remember

I am connected to the women before me. They have baptized me into womanhood once before and they continue to pull me by the heart. They engulf me and surround me, in a tight circle to keep me close. They won’t let me fail.

But what if I want to fail; and learn. ‘Remember who you are.’ They chime again. Their lessons are engraved in my genealogy, I can’t trip over the same stone twice. The land is vast, the valley has already been walked and there are mountains up ahead.

— Remember

They say. I think they mean ‘Don’t be a fool.’ There is no gain in experiences you already know the moral of. Challenges lie ahead that will be of my own and lessons will come that will be passed through the blood of those after me.

— Remember me

I am beginning my ascend up the mountain. I start here because I have been brought here; I was born here. You, my child, must not walk in my footsteps. I will not allow it. You must walk beyond, by yourself, in a terrain I know nothing about. But when you reach the top, know that we will be here and there with you. We will not understand your path, but you must always understand ours.

You come as one, but you stand as ten thousand,
— Remember who you are.

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